New Client Form
If you (the owner) have not been to our clinic before, we will need to have a New Client Form filled out. 

New Patient Form
If your pets have not been seen at our clinic before, we will need to have a New Patient Form filled out.


You can request to set a surgery appointment by calling the clinic. Keep in mind that if you are new to us, we have to see your pet in a pre-surgery exam before we can schedule any form of surgery.

Prescription Refills

To get a prescription refill, please call the clinic or send a prescription request through the PetDesk app. If we have not seen your pet, we will need a copy of the script from the veterinarian that prescribed it before we can fill it (this includes prescription foods). Please allow 24-48 hours for it to be available. 

We now also have an online store! Follow the link to be directed to the store homepage.


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​You can set an appointment through the PetDesk app or by calling the clinic.

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