• Name: Dr. Shayla Sorenson   

  • Hometown: Ross, ND

  • Education:

-B.S. Animal Science, North Dakota State University, 2008

-DVM, Kansas State University, 2012 

  • Family/Pets:  Jay Sorenson (husband), Brant (son), Hallie (daughter), Dixie (Yellow Lab) Boot (Australian Shepherd), 3 Horses

  • Hobbies/Interests: Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Roping, Riding Horse, Playing Piano, Skiing

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA
  • Name:Dr. Lee Garbel

  • Hometown:Crosby, ND

  • Education:

-B.S. Animal Science, North Dakota State University, 1987

-M.S. Animal Science, North Dakota State University, 1989

-DVM, Iowa State University, 1993

  • Family/Pets: Laurie Garbel (wife), Margaret (daughter), Cinders (Muensterlander)

  • Hobbies/Interests:  Fishing, Wood-Working, Wood Carving

  • Memberships:AVMA, NDVMA
  • Name: Dr.  Heidi Folden         

  • Hometown:  New Town, ND

  • Education:

-B.S. Biology, Anatomy and Neuroanatomy, Colorado State University, 2003

-DVM, Iowa State University, 2007     

  • Family/Pets: Vincent (son), Lillian (daughter), Britta, Seffi, Henry, and Polly (Deutsch Drahthaar), Cooter, Cleo, and CJ (cats)

  • Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, Hunting, Fishing

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA, AAHA


  • Name: Dr. Abbigael Gutierrez

  • Hometown:  

  • Education:

  • Family/Pets:  

  • Hobbies/Interests: 

  • Memberships: 

Support Staff

Veterinary Technicians

Bekki Atkins, LVT: North Dakota State University, 2003

Paula Bergstrom, CVT: Eastern Wyoming College, 2001

Veterinary Assistants

Casey Dutton                   Chelsea Caron              Holly Vauthier   Jess Margerum               Katelyn Sandvik           Katherine Miller  Kelsey Engberg                Shelby Hanson

Office Manager        Receptionists          Clinic Mascot

Lisa Blekestad                Tiffany Walikonis        Bobbette the Cat

                                          Tawnya Eide               Punky the Yorkie

                                          Ashley Hurlbut

  • Name:  Dr. Melanie Philippi

  • Hometown:  Haines, OR

  • Education:

-B.S. Animal Science, Oregon State University, 2010

-DVM, Oregon State University, 2014

  • Family/Pets:  Moldy and Crumbs (cats)

  • Hobbies/Interests: Scuba Diving, Free Diving, Hunting, Fishing

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA
  • Name:  Dr. Jody Smith

  • Hometown: Epping, ND

  • Education:

-Pre-veterinary, North Dakota State University

-DVM, Colorado State University, 1997

  • Family/Pets: Miss Smith (wife), Nate (son), Kourtney (daughter), L.J. (son), Juno (Yellow Lab), Beans (Yorkie)

  • Hobbies/Interests:  Hunting, Fishing, Golf, Basketball, Curling

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA