• Name: Dr.  Heidi Miller         

  • Hometown:  New Town, ND

  • Education:

-B.S. Biology, Anatomy and Neuroanatomy, Colorado State University, 2003

-DVM, Iowa State University, 2007     

  • Family/Pets: Richard Miller (husband); Vincent (son) and Lillian (daughter); Moose (Choc. Lab), Cooter and Isabelle (cats)

  • Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, hunting, fishing,

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA, AAHA
  • Name: Dr. Lee Garbel

  • Hometown: Crosby, ND

  • Education:

-B.S. Animal Science, North Dakota State University, 1987

-M.S. Animal Science, North Dakota State University, 1989

-DVM, Iowa State University, 1993

  • Family/Pets: Laurie Garbel (wife); Margaret (daughter); Cinders (Muensterlander),  Bailey (Shih Tsu)

  • Hobbies/Interests:  Fishing, wood-working, wood carving

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA
  • Name:  Dr. Melanie Philippi

  • Hometown:  Haines, OR

  • Education:

-B.S. Animal Science, Oregon State University, 2010

-DVM, Oregon State University, 2014

  • Family/Pets:  Moldy and Crumbs (cats)

  • Hobbies/Interests: Scuba diving, Free diving, Hunting and Fishing

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA


Support Staff

Veterinary Technicians

Bekki Atkins, LVT; North Dakota State University, 2003

Paula Bergstrom, CVT; Eastern Wyoming College, 2001

Patti Herring, CVT; Wyoming School of Animal Technology, 1976

Jill Edson, CVT; Baker College, 2004

Veterinary Assistants

Erica Bell

Naila Rahmani 

Sarah Murray

Kelsey Engberg

Shelby Hanson

Office Manager

Lisa Blekestad


Jennifer Zaste, Debra Page, Pam Wentz

Clinic Mascot

Bobbette the Cat

  • Name:  Dr. Shayla Sorenson   

  • Hometown:  Ross, ND

  • Education:

-B.S. Animal Science, North Dakota State University, 2008

-DVM, Kansas State University, 2012 

  • Family/Pets:  Jay Sorenson (husband); Brant (son) Boot (Australian Shepherd), 3 horses

  • Hobbies/Interests: Camping, fishing, roping, riding horse, playing piano, hunting, skiing

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA
  • Name:  Dr. Jody Smith

  • Hometown: Epping, ND

  • Education:

-Pre-veterinary, North Dakota State University

-DVM, Colorado State University, 1997

  • Family/Pets: Missy Smith (wife); Nate (son), Kourtney (daughter), and L.J. (son); Juno (Yellow Lab), Kayla (Black Lab)

  • Hobbies/Interests:  Hunting, fishing, golf, basketball, curling

  • Memberships: AVMA, NDVMA